Hairstyles for long hair with a photo. How to create trendy and uncomplicated hairstyles

Well-groomed long hair looks beautiful in itself, it can decorate any look, no matter what hairstyle you choose. You can make a wide variety of hairstyles for long hair, but you shouldn't invent and make some kind of “three-storey houses with bouffants” or “hornets' nests”, the simpler the hairstyle, the more beautiful it looks, even just loose, well-groomed hair will attract the eyes of others.

With the help of this article, you can make simple and beautiful hairstyles for any occasion and celebration.

Review of simple hairstyles for long hair: photo

If you do not know what kind of hairstyle to do, then perfectly straight hair will be the best option, because such a hairstyle never goes out of fashion, it looks stylish and shows all the beauty of the hair: shine, smoothness, elasticity and softness.

When doing this, do not forget about thermal protection, so as not to spoil the hair, and at the end, after straightening, apply a few drops of oil (for the ends of the hair) or fluid on the hair to give the hairstyle a complete look and unreal shine.

Smooth long hair

Perfectly straight hair: photo

Hairstyles for long hair: photo
Straight hair photo

Making light waves for long hair

Now at the peak of popularity, light waves, somewhere from the middle of the length or slightly at the ends of the hair. Curling irons are suitable for creating these curls (the larger the curls you want, the larger the curling iron should be) or you can use large curlers. In order for the styling to last longer, you can use styling products (foam, varnish, gloss spray) and be sure to use good thermal protection.

Long hair, how to create a trendy and uncomplicated hairstyle

Large curls for long hair

Curls for long hair

Stylish curls for long hair: step by step tips, plus photos

  1. Wash my head as usual using a mask or conditioner. We wrap the hair with a towel and let it dry a little.
  2. On damp hair, apply a little heat protection and blow-dry the hair upside down to add volume at the roots of the hair. When your hair is completely dry, you can proceed to the next step.
  3. We select a small strand of hair (five centimeters), the smaller the selected strand of hair, the easier it is to work with it when you are already styling the curls.
  4. We pinch the hair between the flaps of the well-heated ironing tongs and begin to turn, pull the tongs down slowly and smoothly. But, there is one nuance here, the faster you iron the strand, the larger the curls turn out, so get out of what you want to have curls. You can twist in any direction, the main thing at this moment is not to let go of the tip of the strand, if it lies in the wrong direction, then a neat curl will not work.
  5. When the curls are ready, separate them with your fingers, but not with a comb, and tilt your head down to give a little natural carelessness, which is at the height of fashion today, so the hairstyle will look natural, to fix the curls, you can sprinkle a little medium hold hairspray on your hair.

Large curls on long hair

Voluminous hairstyle on long hair

Hollywood waves on long hair

According to the same principle (5 steps), you can make Hollywood curls, with the help of straightening tongs and good thermal protection, but here you should clearly look at the direction of the curls.

Hollywood waves on long hair

Stylish curlsThe most fashionable hairstyle trend is loose hair with an uneven parting and on one side the hair is hidden behind the ear. For such a hairstyle, we need an iron or curling iron, a comb to add a little volume, a varnish for easy fixation and invisibility, so that the hair is held behind the ear. This hairstyle is suitable for both long hair and medium length hair.

Actual hairstyles, 2016, style of stars

perfect styling for long hair

Stylish hairstyles for long hair, 2016

Hairstyle for the celebration (photo)

Let's see what accents in hairstyles are offered to us by the most popular designers of women's clothing - Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad, they, like no one else, feel the whole essence of a woman and are able to predict the most cherished desires. They mainly sew their outfits for special occasions, and in their hairstyles they offer naturalness and minimalism.

Elie Saab offers soft waves, somewhere from the middle of the hair.

Photo: fashionable hairstyles 2016

Zuhair Murad offers straight hair with an even parting in the middle.

Photo: stylish hairstyles, 2016

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