Men's hair styling products: which to choose?

Today there are so many different men's styling products for hair that you can get lost, we suggest looking at the most popular types and getting to know their properties.

Styling products are part of the hair care arsenal of most modern men that look after their appearance.

3 main mistakes when choosing men's styling products for hair styling:

  1. Most men apply too much product to their hair, resulting in clumping and oily hair. Remember, less is more.
  2. The product is not matched to your hair type. For example, you have straight hair, and you have chosen a salt spray for styling and are trying to structure your hairstyle, but you will not succeed, because on naturally straight hair, such styling will look like icicles.
  3. Uncertainty about the end result. Do you want a wet or dry look? Do you want a light, medium or strong hold appearance? Do you want a matte effect or shine? High hold styling products keep hair in place for a long time. Products with low to medium hold hold the hair moderately while maintaining the natural structure and movement of the hair. The gloss after application of the products ranges from glossy to wet, to low gloss or matte.

Various hair styling products cater to a wide variety of needs to create the desired hairstyle.

Men's hair styling products: which to choose?

Hair wax

Hair wax, which provides long-lasting hold and at the same time flexibility of the hairstyle, is one of the most popular styling products for men.

Light and strong waxes are available today, you should choose depending on the end result you want. Wax is best suited for those hairstyles that look perfectly combed, it is often used for styling British, Canadian, undercut haircuts.

How to use: rub a small amount of wax between your palms, then apply to damp or dried hair and style with your hands.

Hair styling paste

Suitable for almost all hair types, it is one of the most versatile styling products for men. The paste gives a natural look to the hairstyle, while maintaining the necessary hold, perfectly gives the hair density and emphasizes its texture.

How to use: Apply the paste to your hands, warm it up between your palms and apply to your hair. When applied to dry hair, it provides a light shine and medium hold. And if wet, then the paste gives medium gloss and high durability.

Lipstick for styling

The lipstick gives a good hold to the hair and keeps it natural. It has a thick creamy consistency, while lipstick can be both oil-based and water-based. It is the ideal product for a sleek, straightforward and well-combed hairstyle.

How to use: The lipstick can be applied to damp hair, before blow-drying, or to dry hair. Rub lightly between your palms before applying to hair to soften the product.

Hair clay

Clay for hair styling appeared relatively recently, but many men already fell in love with it.

The clay provides a strong hold and is absolutely non-shiny, making it ideal for creating a natural textured look. It is best suited for men with coarse and thick hair.

How to use: Clay can be used on both dry hair and damp hair. The consistency of the clay is creamy, thick, so it is enough for a poet for a very long time.

Hair gel

Gel is what you probably heard and know, it is one of the most popular hair styling products. In the 90s it was a hit for hair styling, gels used to have an almost cement-like hold, and today's new hair gels are much better.Hair gels come in a variety of strengths, including weak, medium, and strong.

How to use: Apply hair gel before blow-drying to add texture and density to your hair.

Styling cream

Men's hair styling creams are lightweight stylers for textured haircuts. The cream is especially good for medium to long hair, as it keeps them a little, but at the same time leaves them mobile.

A styling cream is lighter than wax or pomade and has a moisturizing effect, making it a great product for curly hair.

Hair cream is designed to create a simple hairstyle that does not require a lot of volume and strong hold.

How to use: Apply a small amount of cream to hands, rub between palms and apply to hair, then proceed with styling. If you apply the cream to damp hair, it will not weigh it down as it dries.

Salt spray

Salt sprays do not provide hold, but they are ideal if you have thin, thin hair or want to give your hair a touch of texture and volume. The salt absorbs the oil in the hair, giving it volume, texture and definition. It turns out the famous surfing hairstyle.

Salt spray is best used on fine to medium hair, but not on thick hair. The spray is suitable for medium to long hair.

Men's hair styling products: which to choose?

We hope that our selection will help you choose the best product for your hair. And you can find the perfect product to help you create the look you want, whether it's a lipstick shine, a strong dry hold of hair clay, or the undeniable texture of a paste.

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