TOP 10 professional shampoos

TOP 10 professional shampoos

How do you think professional hair cosmetics differ from those sold in any supermarket?

Strange question, isn't it? Well, of course, because it is used by professionals in clinics or beauty salons!

If you think so, you are wrong!

1. Professional cosmetics are so called because they solve special problems by working like an expert. When used correctly, it works as effectively at home as in the salon.

This applies to both facial and hair care.

2. When choosing a shampoo, what are you focusing on? Most likely by type of hair - dry, oily or colored / damaged. Manufacturers of inexpensive mass-market segment products know this and offer you exactly these 3 types of their products. Plus the king of all shampoos - for any hair 3 in 1!

There is little space on the shelves of supermarkets, more varieties are not needed. If your hair is not very demanding, if you are in a hurry and are not ready to understand the intricacies of grooming, this will be enough.

But we want to introduce you to the world of a completely different approach to hair care.

Imagine: the stylist has finished the work, coloring or haircut, finished styling, and you finally look in the mirror at the finished hairstyle. What do you see? Shiny curls that obediently keep their shape. You touch your hair - it is elastic and soft at the same time. And you also feel this unreal aroma of professional products. Your hairstyle is also fragrant - expensive and sophisticated.

We all know how difficult it is to do styling on your head, you need skill and a powerful hairdryer. We are not professional stylists - we may not be able to repeat the styling from the salon at home.

But we can definitely get closer to the ideal using the same hair products that our master uses.

The choice of such funds is very wide! When creating them, scientists and cosmetologists do not think about how to please everyone at the same time. On the contrary, they take into account the maximum number of hair and scalp problems in different combinations, so that the product hits right on target, giving the perfect result instantly and fixing it with constant use.

3. Mass market products are sold by the "label", so the bottles are bright and visible from afar.

Professional cosmetics have laconic bottles, but an incredible composition. Professional products can be very expensive if they contain unique ingredients and innovative technologies were used in their manufacture.

But there are also not very expensive tools that work professionally due to the high concentration of active ingredients and focus on solving a specific problem.

Professional shampoos

  1. Buy Shampoo Citric Balance Salerm: if you have dyed or bleached hair. How it works: neutralizes the action of chemicals, collagen in the composition restores the hair structure.
    Shampoo Citric Balance Salerm
  2. Buy Cleansing balm instead of shampoo after sea water and pool Co-Wash System Jurassic Spa: if you have dry damaged hair; if you go to the pool; for recreation at sea; for the summer, if you are outside in the heat. How it works: moisturizes, nourishes, protects, completely replaces shampoo.
    o-Wash System Jurassic Spa
  3. Buy Shampoo Pure color for light hair shades Сurex Color Intense Estel: if you have dry, dull, brittle blonde hair with split ends. How it works: locks the moisture inside the hair due to the protein and panthenol content.
    Сurex Color Intense Estel
  4. Buy Rare Oil Replenishing Shampoo Paul Mitchell: if you have dry, dull hair. Suitable for fine hair (does not weigh down), for laminated and keratinated hair (sulfate-free). How it works: retains moisture, strengthens, adds shine without weighing down due to the content of marula oil.
    shampoo Rare Oil Replenishing Shampoo Paul Mitchell
  5. Buy Volumizing shampoo for dry and damaged hair Estel: if you need volume. How it works: restores and strengthens due to the content of provitamin B5 and chitosan.
  6. Buy Shampoo for gray hair Gray Hair shampoo Salerm: if you have gray or blonde hair.How it works: removes any manifestations of yellowness, arginine and amino acids nourish and moisturize.
    Shampoo for gray hair Gray Hair shampoo Salerm
  7. Buy Detox Shampoo Plastic Refill Kydra: if frequent use of styling products has made the hair heavy and the scalp looks dirty all the time. How it works: deeply cleanses the skin, removes styling residues, restores volume.
    Detox Shampoo Plastic Refill Kydra
  8. Buy IAU Cleansing Relaxment Lebel Cosmetics: if you have dry or colored hair and dry scalp. How it works: restores and moisturizes hair, relieves irritation from the skin due to nourishing components.
    IAU Cleansing Relaxment Lebel Cosmetics
  9. Buy Estel Color Maintenance Shampoo: if you have colored hair. How it works: moisturizes hair, fixes color with a special stabilizer.
    Estel Color Maintenance Shampoo
  10. Buy Shampoo for volume and growth of fine hair Energy ritual with caffeine and hemp oil Zeitun: if the hair is thin and grows poorly. How it works: stimulates blood circulation in the skin, gives strength and shine to hair due to caffeine and hemp oil.

Attention! When choosing professional hair care, remember:

  • a lot of funds - look for a solution to your specific problem
  • balms and masks are created not to take a place in the bathroom, but to complete a high-quality shampooing with perfect care
  • if the hair problem gets out of control (the itching is unbearable, the hair falls out in strands, the scalp is very flaky), no care will help - you need the help of a trichologist and treatment.
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Comments: 1
  1. Nina

    I would also add a departure from the Italian brand Alfaparf Milano. It has great shampoos! Recently I tried a shampoo for fine hair that adds volume. It works great! The hair is not weighted down by care, it is soft and light, and due to this, the volume at the roots is good and neat. Generally delighted with this brand!

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